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Bedroom Inspo Tapestry - Pillow – I love the way a tapestry hung behind the bed is a makeshift headboard in the inspiration photo A tapestry or oversized throw pillows  This summer I took a long weekend to visit old friends in California, and I must confess I felt the strong urge to drop everything and move to the West Coast This feeling is like a familiar old friend, as. Find room accessories for your humble or lavish abode at Urban Outfitters Shop knick-knacks like terrariums, candle holders, wall shelves and more here

Check out these trendy and chic tapestries for a little inspiration A tapestry can be hung above your bed to give the illusion of a bed frame,  In need of some new apartment decor ideas? Check out these 7 to get your creative juices flowing 7 Budget-Friendly Apartment Decor Ideas

Tapeçarias Brazil - @tapecariasbr Instagram Profile - Find Ground . which does this remind you of? || : @margaretakrantz ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #tapestry #decor #homedecor #tapestrydecor #mandala #bedroominspo #mandalas #college  Tapeçarias Brazil - @tapecariasbr Instagram Account with posts (photos, videos) - Media: 253 | Followers: 786 | Following: 5 A Media By tapecariasbr. 1) The Classic Boho Tapestry Boring, all white room? No prob Order a tapestry off Amazon and hang on a wall Optional: Add pillows from    I don’t know if it’s the warm colors, the patterns, the ELEPHANTS, or the zen vibe each boho room radiates that I see- but I just LOVE all things bohemian But particularly? Boho interior decor I’ve had a thangggg for interior design since I was in High School I actually won 4th in aRead More » »

10 dorm room inspo looks. I'm not sure whether our parents cared half as much about decorating their dorm rooms as we do (I'm guessing no) but thanks to Pinterest and Instagram, we  10 dorm room inspo looks. As a former New Yorker and current owner of a wee Cape Cod cottage, I am quite familiar with both the charm and challenges of small spaces Unplugged: A Young Couple’s DIY, Totally Off-the-Grid Cabin in the New Hampshire Woods. We used tapestries from Urban Outfitters - here's a link to their UO Tapestry Shop Hit us up on our Instagrams bedroom · bedroom inspo Remember when you would make forts as a kid with chairs, blankets and couch cushions? Well this is basically the same thing, but your mom won't make you tear i