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Open Bathroom Layout - Posted in: bathrooms, interior design110 comments richard powers photography open concept bathroom renovation This one's covering up   Today, we are going to look at a bathroom renovation and what I'm recommendingAnd especially, not recommendingAnd yes, please be warned that this one is pretty snarky, but not without provocation!Sometimes I feel it's just as important to talk about what not to do as what we should…. Master bathroom layouts from an architect will all have the same it's because we do not have an open door policy in our toilet rooms Hi My name is Bob and I seem to talk about toilets a lot here at Life of an Architect I typed “master bathroom layout designs” in to Google and what I found is alarmingWe need to…

While you may not have the luxury to have a large space for an open layout bathroom, simple accessories and fixtures can portray a similar feel  Whether you're adding a new master bath or remodeling an outdated bathroom, use these tips to make the most of your bathroom floor plan Learn more!

Common Bathroom-Layout Mistakes and How to Avoid Them . Always measure twice before you select fittings and fixtures for your bathroom to make sure they'll fit Think how doors and drawers will open and how you will . Design Dilemma: Bathroom with walk in closet or walk through closet to and the possibility of an open closet layout, where a closet/dressing  Design Dilemma: Bathroom with walk in closet or walk through closet to bathroom? Which is better when you are restricted to a tandem bathroom and closet arrangement?

Inspiration #11 - L² Design, LLC. After getting a minor catastrophe under control at #ThisOldHouse, it's time to return to dreaming of the Master, open bathroom renovation Inspiration #11This is the latest in a weekly post of residential architecture inspiration If you want to see past weeks, you can go here If you want to see them curated on my pinterest (sometimes before. Feng Shui bathroom is THE WAY to stop bathrooms & toilets from What can I do that would allow the door to be open? Feng Shui Pundit Hi Jojo, Please send me a layout of the house with North marked and I'll be in a  Feng Shui bathroom is THE WAY to stop bathrooms & toilets from flushing away positive energy from your home Here are feng shui bathroom & toilet tips. Think of it as the drip-drip effect of interior design noted: "Like many hotel trends, the open-plan bathroom layout has spread to the home" Emine Saner: It's a growing trend in luxury hotels, but how would you feel about spending a romantic weekend in a hotel room where the bathroom, and the toilet, were on full display? Is there anything worse?